Intermatic Digital Clock Timer 120v


• Timers can be scheduled for operation during the lowest time-of-day rates
• 6 ON/OFF events can be performed daily or weekly
• External override switch
• LED load indicator for ease in scheduling
• Battery carryover protects time keeping and program information for a minimum of 3 years

Enclosure: Type 1- Indoor
Knockouts: Combination ½” – ¾” nominal
knockouts, one on back and each side
of case and two on bottom
Switch Type: See table
Switch Rating:
EH10- Inductive: 30 Amp, 120 VAC
Resistive: 30 Amp, 120 VAC
Tungsten: 5 Amp, 120 VAC
1 HP, 120 VAC
EH40- Inductive: 30 Amp, 240 VAC
Resistive: 30 Amp, 240 VAC
Tungsten: 5 Amp, 240 VAC
1 ½ HP, 240 VAC
Power Input: See table
Memory Hold Up: AA type alkaline battery
Operating Temperature: -40ºF to 104ºF (-40ºC to 40ºC)


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